Membership Benefits

Members receive the following foundation courses. 

  1. About the Canine Skin and Hair 
  2. About the Canine Coat
  3. About the 20 Coat Types

Members also receive their reference manual for policies and procedures on the competitions with the Nash System Certifications offered ONLY at IJA-SANCTIONED Events.

  1. About IJA ONSITE Competitions
  2. About ONSITE Trim Style by Coat Types Certifications with Competitions
  3. About ONSITE 7 Technical Skills, Products, Tools by Coat Type Demonstrations, Discussions, Hands-On Certification Course
  4. About ONSITE 8 Trim Styles by Coat Types Demonstrations with Discussions Certification Course Series

Members receive 5% on all Nash System Online Education Courses.

Members receive 1 competition entry per year as an IJA Member.

IJA Membership

Discover the unparalleled advantages awaiting you as a distinguished member of the International Judges Association (IJA). Step into a realm of prestige and opportunity, where your expertise is celebrated and rewarded. Enjoy exclusive access to elite networking events, cutting-edge training resources, and coveted discounts on industry-leading products and services. Elevate your status and expand your horizons with IJA membership – where excellence in judgment meets boundless potential. Join us today and embark on a journey towards unmatched professional success!