Training Pet Care Professionals of Today & Tomorrow

John Nash, founder of Nash Academy of Animal Arts. Dog and cat grooming school.

John Nash

Founder of Nash Academy

Recognizing the need for standardized training in pet care, the late John Nash established the Nash Academy in 1979, striving to provide pets with the finest and most compassionate care. As a leading brand in pet care education, Nash Academy and the Nash System of Pet Care Education are acknowledged for their leadership and innovation.
John Nash, founder of Nash Academy dog and cat grooming school.

Vivian Nash

International Groomer of the Year

Vivian Nash, John Nash's longtime partner in life and work, has carried on the tradition of the Nash Academy and created her own innovations in the Nash Academy's desire to continue to grow and expand to provide the best education possible to those in the pet care professions. She has expanded the online curriculum further, begun seminars and competitions at the Academy so that pet care professionals can meet and exchange their knowledge, and travels the world to grooming competitions and meetings everywhere, spreading the Nash message of artistic perfection coupled with kindness, compassion, and safety for every pet and companion animal.

Tanya Slater

Growing Up in the Business

Tanya Slater, daughter of Vivian and John Nash, immersed herself in every aspect of the Nash Academy Dog Grooming School and the International Judges Association for dog grooming competitions. Collaborating with her mother, Tanya contributes to managing the school and judging association, introducing fresh online and onsite courses and competition classes.

Setting Standards in the Pet Care Industry

In envisioning dog grooming as a global art form, Nash explores cat care, grooming, and horse care, broadening professional horizons and uniting diverse worlds with a universal language—love and compassion for animals.

Certifications and Credentialing System

The Nash System of Pet Care Education Universal Certification and Credentialing System is meticulously crafted, providing comprehensive education, training, and assessment for individuals pursuing a fulfilling career as pet care professionals.

Structured Journey

Unlike quick certifications, the program unfolds as a well-structured journey, starting as a student and progressing through intermediate and advanced stages. Individuals can eventually conquer all trims in the contest show division, representing the pinnacle of achievement.

Continuous Growth

Designed for continuous education, the system allows individuals with intermediate and advanced skills to reach the ultimate Level 4 Specialist and participate as teachers, certifiers, and judges in the IJA and Nash System.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

The Nash System supports pet care professionals throughout their careers, facilitating growth from foundational bather-groomer trim styles to more intricate styles.

Ultimate Goal - Canine Styling Specialist in All Coat Types

Certification in specific trim styles leads to achieving the esteemed specialist score and rank. Alternatively, professionals can conquer all canine trim styles within a specific coat type category, securing an overall rank and title.

Empowering individuals to shape their professional journey, the Nash System is a steadfast companion in the dynamic world of pet care.

Online & Onsite Certfications

Renowned for cultivating top-tier pet care professionals, Nash Academy introduced a series of online theory courses in 2000, elevating their educational programs to a new standard. Offering both online and onsite certifications, the system encompasses four levels: 

1 - Novice

2 - Master

3 - Expert

4 - Specialist

Online Courses

Accessible through innovative online platforms, these courses cater to dog, cat, and horse owners and aspiring pet and companion animal professionals. They serve as a global hub for networking, studying, test-taking, and exchanging ideas within the profession.