Competition Rules, Policies, and Procedures

    1. The Beginning of IJA

    2. Setting Standards in the Competition Arena

    3. Powered by The Nash System of Pet Care Education

    4. Created by Vivian and John Nash owners of Nash Academy Dog Grooming School

    5. The Beginning of IJA in the Dog Grooming Industry

    1. The 2024 Nash System Pet Care Education EXCHANGE

    2. 2024 Nash Approved Instructors and Training Sites

    1. The 2024 IJA Membership - Greatest Benefits in the Industry!

    1. The 2024 IJA Crown Events INDIVIDUAL Competitions Certifications Challenges

    2. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: Pure Breed Trims Challenge

    3. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: Free Style Trims Challenge

    4. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: Poodle Trims Challenge

    5. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: Double Ring Challenge

    6. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: Triple Dog Challenge - Triple Crown of the Grooming World

    1. The 2024 IJA Groom Bowl TEAM Competitions Certifications Championships

    2. IJA Live Dog Competition - Championship Training Workshop - Competitions with Certifications

    3. Team Leaders, Captains and State Team Policies and Procedures

    4. Groom Bowl State Team Rules

    5. 2024 IJA GROOM BOWL Events

    1. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: ALL CLASSES: Competitions Ring Policies and Procedures

    2. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: ALL CLASSES: Competition and Certification Policies and Procedures (Rescue Me and Creative Not Included)

    3. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: ALL CLASSES: Competitions and Certification Rules

    4. ONSITE: LIVE DOG: ALL CLASSES: Contest and Certification Ring Safety

    5. ONSITE: LIVE DOGS: ALL CLASSES: Judging and Certification Considerations


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