Course curriculum

    1. The Wonderful World of Working With Man's Best Friend

    2. Who To Ask During Practical Skills Training

    1. Bathing Basics Syllabus

    2. Grooming Basics Syllabus

    3. Styling Basics Syllabus

    4. Profile Basics Syllabus

    1. Credit for Event

    1. Your New Career - A Different Type of Job

    2. Related Professions

    3. Knowledge is a Powerful Tool in Your Chosen Profession

    4. The Correct Learning Mode

    1. Different Method and Techniques to Achieve the Same Goal

    2. Your Daily Procedures During Practical Application

    3. The "Always" Rule

    1. Achieving Satisfactory Progress

    2. Professionalism in the Dog Grooming World

    3. Time Management - Watch the Clock

    4. Time Management

    5. Salon Policies and Procedures

    6. How Many Pets should I be able to Groom a Day?

    7. Running a Dog Grooming Salon

    8. Teachers with the Canine Magic Touch

    9. Safety During Technical Skills

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