The man’s best friend online 6 course series is the foundation for all pet care professionals working with canines every day. 


This certification series is to ensure bathers, groomers, stylists, and other salon team members are trained in understanding and taking care of the canine to establish and maintain a safe environment at all times in the facility.


Understanding Man’s Best Friend is an in-depth introduction to canine history, behavior, and psychology, so that the entire salon team, including the bathers, groomers, and stylists as well as other staff members understand how to approach any dog with confidence and safety. 


Form and Function of Man’s Best Friend are about canine anatomy with proper, medical names of all systems in the dog’s body (skeletal, muscular, neurological, integumentary, and senses), so that trained salon team members can discuss and communicate with fellow professionals in the dog world as well as veterinarians using the correct terminology.


Taking Care of Man’s Best Friend covers all of the basics in nutrition, obedience, training, and basic health, so that clients’ pets may achieve maximum health and well-being thanks to the advice of the educated salon owner and team. 


First Aid for Man’s Best Friend prepares for accidents that can happen in any professional situation in which living pets are in the care, custody, and control of anyone in the pet care industry. Knowledge about how to treat the most common accidents and illnesses that occur in a salon is potentially life-altering and life-saving.


Who’s Who in Man’s Best Friend teaches all salon team members about the AKC Groups and breeds in the groups to gain knowledge of the overall form and function of the dogs in the specific groups to be a specialist in safe and gentle handling in the salon environment. 


Variations and Creations in Man’s Best Friend teach the bather, groomer, stylists, and salon team the breadth of possibilities for eye, ear, and tail types. The course discusses the many different types of coat, coat coloring, and patterns, to teach the professional how to correctly bathe, groom, and style each breed for maximum beauty and artistry. 

The bathers, groomers, and stylists as well as the salon team study, discuss and understand the importance of this knowledge to create and maintain a safe environment in the salon. Breathing challenged pets, puppies, senior pets, and pure breeds with specific and common disorders due to the many different variations and creations created by man are covered in this class. 

Prerequisite: N/A

Time To Complete: 3 - 6 months, depending on the number of online courses taken per month

Courses in this certification: